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Our aim goes beyond equipping our learners with the necessary skills needed in the job market to giving them different platforms that contribute to developing their lives as a whole. We offer opportunities that make the student's life at school easier and give them an exopperience outside the class.

Accomodation and Meals

We strive to offer our students a welcoming environment that feels just like home by providing a secure, spacious and accommodating off campus hostel services to students who wish to be accomodated. Quality meals are offered to residing students. The residence offer comfort, convinience and accessibility that the students may require.Students willing to take up school housing should carry their own personal essentials.


We as IPMTTI recognizes the role that sport has to play in development of all–rounded students. We provide our students with an opportunity to train, exercise and develop themselves into individual who are capable of competing and achieving more in sports. The students participate in football, volleyball, table tennis and handball. Our football and volleyball teams emerged winners in a tournament in 2019.

Spiritual Nurturing

As we care for the physical and mental fitness of our students with the various activities that we involve them in, we seek to ensure that they develop also spiritually. This being a Christian based institution, we seek to ensure that students grow heartedly and in line with Christian based values as they seek to find their purpose within the society. Thus the institution holds Morning devotions each and every morning before classes and having a Church service on Sundays which is open to the general public.


We are concerned about both the professional and personal development of our students. In order to ensure that our students stay focused with what's importance in life, we provide counselling and mentoring sessions when necessary. This increases the students' knowledge on issues that affect them such as drug abuse, HIV and AIDS and peer pressure as well as preparing them on how to cope with life's adversities.

Charity Visits and Events

A practice started by the students, charity events and visits have grown into one of our utmost important activity which happen on a monthly basis. In partnership with the institution, willing students are encouraged to take part in such events either by giving, visiting or in any manner that they can. This has in the long run led to in the growth of the students' lives by cultivating virtues that contribute to being a responsible individual within the society.

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