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Motto: Excellence in standard and quality

International Plant Machinery Training Technical Institute is an NTSA approved driving school dedicated to improving society's economic growth by offering extensive technical training on plant operation, mechanics and motor vehicle driving. We are committed to providing quality courses through practical training that will equip the learners with the necessary knowledge and skills and give them a distict advantage in the job market.

With the growth in the construction and infrastructure industry, the need for skilled plant operators and mechanics is on the rise. Our aim is to bridge that gap by offering the relevant plant operator and mechanics courses that will prepare learners for the field. To achieve this, we have invested in modern equipment thus offering the students the necessary field experience.Our instructors are highly skilled professionals who integrate their experience and knowledge in training the learners.

As an institution committed to the holistic development of our students, we have established a friendly environment for optimal level of learning, productivity and growth by incorporating mentorship, counselling, sports and other extra curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in any activity of their choice.


Prepare learners for a life of success through high quality technical academic excellence.


Achieving a world class standard to meet the growing technology and social-economic needs of our nation and the world at large

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